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I am fascinated with the intersection of art and technology. Using the new technologies of our time,
electronic colors and digital brushes, I have painted digital impressions. The computer allows me to
experiment endlessly with Alaska wildlife, Native American cultures, the
Northern Lights, surreal
landscapes, awesome weather effects, and universal travel scenes in my digital art series. I hope you enjoy
You can own the Northern Lights!
Alaska Artists Original
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My photographs in my ALASKA  PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY are traditional film photography and digital photography.  
Most of these images have been taken while traveling around the world and  recording daily life in the area of
Alaska I live in.  Glaciers, Portraits, Native American culture events, Alaska wildlife, Denali, and the wilderness are
near me.  The only techniques I have used in these photos are cropping and lighting adjustments.

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Knik Glacier in the Matanuska
Valley of Alaska

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While seeking the unique photo in my mind, I began to experiment with image composites on my computer to
create the combinations in this series.  Each  individual print is a combination of three to seven of my original
photographs.   The abundant  wildlife near my studio in Alaska  is included, my Native American friends,
landscapes of all four seasons, and flowers have become Art Photos by this
Alaskan Artist.
,Elk in Alaska in the Mat-Su Valley

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My original Paintings are created from my desire to record the Native American people and their customs for
future generations to see.  I also enjoy painting the northern lights, wildlife, seascapes, glaciers,, portraits, and
Alaskan Native dancers.  Color prints of these paintings are for sale on this website.  Available original paintings
are shown by appointment at my
Alaska Artist studio and local art galleries.
"Don't Say Goodbye"
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they will gain some profit from my art business experiences, art techniques, digital photography
methods, my  life in Alaska, , web site marketing info, and my digital photography methods.
Questions are welcomed.personal adventures.
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Dianne Roberson  painting
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Featured Original Alaska Northern Lights
Digital Art
"Flight of the Snowy Owl"

The print is available in several sizes on photo paper, fine art paper,  or canvas.
Our cloud free nights are one of the reasons there is such a high success rate in seeing the Aurora in Alaska.  Plan on outdoor
viewing!  I cannot stress this enough.  Indoor viewing has never been successful for several good reasons. The location in the
night sky of the aurora is totally unpredictable.  Most of the time, it is a full horizon to horizon event with much of the
activity being directly overhead.  A 360 degree view of the night sky is imperative for not missing the activity. Obviously,
if you are facing in one direction with a roof over your head, you are going to miss most of what is happening. The only way
to experience the full beauty and wonder of the aurora is to be outside under the entire night sky. Although Alaskan
temperatures can be extreme, Alaskan cold is a very dry cold with little humidity and it is rare for there to be any wind
when it is cold. Staying warm and comfortable viewing out of doors is not hard as long as you dress properly.

Dianne Roberson

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Featured Alaska Photograph
"Knik Glacier Ice Bergs"

The print is available in several sizes on photo paper, fine art paper, or canvas.
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Willow and Thanksgiving 2014

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